9/4/16 – JMT Day 1

Journal Entry

Made it to camp, my hips have a line of swollen tissue right where the backpack sat. I’m a little frustrated how bad they are because I thought I had planned for this. I realize now that, yes, I planned but all my training consisted of many layers. It’s hot here and I only have my shirt. So it’s rubbing against my skin more. The hike up wasn’t very long and was very nice and flat. Only gained about 350 ft of elevation. But I still feel pretty sore. It was a mental battle. I can’t tell if my mind is playing tricks with me that I’m having pain everywhere or if it’s real. We stopped at a creek and I put my legs in the ice cold water for about 10 minutes and that helped me finish the last few miles. We set up camp early. I say and calculated some mileage. On our last stretch, we will have to hike 84 miles in 6/7 days. I can’t even fathom that, but I suppose I should take each day, one at a time. People say that you get used to all this aching and hiking. I hope that’s true because I’m ready to be used to it about now. Beautiful scenery here. We are camping at 9000 ft at the bottom of the incline to Donahue Pass, 11, 073 ft. I am glad the day ended early, sleep is much needed.

My prayer

Dear Jesus,

The day is over. I am beat. We had our one campfire for the trip. I am sad that we can’t have more. I am tired and feel a mental battle of discouragement. I hear a voice telling me that I am going to fail. God, I am so afraid to not finish. I think some of the reason I teared up when I hugged mom when I left was because I knew if I started, then I’d have to really push myself to end. I feel very blessed. Thank you for giving me strength this far and please give me strength tomorrow.

❤ Jess



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