9/5/16 – JMT Day 2

Journal Entry

Yesterday I received a very cute letter from Mike Hamilton with a hand drawn picture of Foxy and today a sweet encouraging letter from Megan. I imagine my mother was the organizer. She is so thoughtful. I am so thankful for her love and encouragement. Just yesterday I hugged her goodbye at 9am. Yesterday my mind was definitely more down than today. I placed 2 large pieces of moleskin on my hips and that helped a lot. I forgot to put the chafing bar stuff around it, so I got a small line of blister around the edge of the moleskin. My legs feel a lot better. Don’t feel pain at all today. Just a normal exercising sore feeling. It was definitely a harder climb today, but I can tell all my hard training is paying off. Many people are on the trail. Dad says he’s never seen so many people before. It’s a pleasure to have such a knowledgeable tour guide of the whole trail. He has lots of stories. I’m sad we didn’t have a fire tonight, but we do have a beautiful campspot along a stream. I liked dinner even though Dad wasn’t fond of it. Mashed potatoes with turkey and 3 berry crumble. I ate every bit of my food today. Dad is eating only a little more than me each day. Kind of concerns me. He has super sugary drinks too. I just hope he is getting the calories and vitamins he needs. Goodnight.

My Prayer

Dear Jesus,

So much anxiety on the trail today about what I’m going to do when I get back. (I was informed that the week I got back, I’d have to move out of my home) Please help me to lay this at your feet and to trust you. Thank you for Dad and his kind words of saying he was/is glad we are on the trip together. Thank you for his Godly heart. Thank you for Mike and Megan’s love. Thank you so much for the very best mother ever. Please heal my soreness and give me a good nights rest.




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